Play to Innovate – Edition 2

Run time: 3:30 min.

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Go beyond the buzzwords and the hype. Learn the mindset and mental tools everyone else is missing. Play to Innovate will teach you the fun way to unlock the innovator inside you.

Learn how to find the best ideas, almost on demand.

Discover the three important questions you should be asking but aren’t.

Drive consistent innovation in your organization & your own work.

Learn how to build a self-sustaining culture of consistent innovation.

Understand what may be stopping your organization from achieving true innovative change.

Use the included questions and challenges to guide both novice and expert teams as they search for solutions.

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Why I Wrote Play to Innovate

Given the right mindset and techniques, there are so many people who could unlock their amazing potential for creative and innovative solutions. It took me five years to piece together the “secrets” of being creative. Play to Innovate is my way of passing this knowledge on. And, quite frankly, if I can be an innovator, you can too.

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Classes & Seminars

Hands-on Seminars now forming

The Play to Innovate hands-on seminar is an interactive session that will teach you the mindset and mental tools to consistently find innovative solutions, get unstuck and blow past your competition. You will work through one of your projects and leave fully equipped to use Play to Innovate on your future work.

Personalized sessions are available for individuals and groups up to 20. Both in-person and virtual sessions are available.

All learning materials are supplied and only the simplest space is required.

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p: 847-250-6743

Free Lessons

Learn more from my 1 minute video series on YouTube.

Enjoy my half-hour podcast, where I talk about innovation and how you can be creative and innovative in your work. Look for Play to Innovate wherever podcasts are streaming or go to today.

Take the online masterclass

What’s so great about the class? It’s intended for the busy person who may only have 15 minutes at a time. Broken into four sessions, you’ll be able to work on one of your projects at your own pace.

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Free Seminars

Free seminars are coming soon to locations in the Chicago Northwest Suburbs.

The free seminar is a 75 minute version of the full training. You will learn through an interactive example that you can then apply to one of your projects. You will leave fully equipped to use the Play to Innovate mindset and techniques on your future projects.

A workbook is provided. Remember to bring a pen!

Play to Innovate Podcast

Learn the mindset and mental tools required to blow past your competition, stay relevant and continuously innovative.
If you want more innovation in your work and business this is the podcast for you.

Learn from my 20 years of experience as a designer and the concepts I learned from sales, marketing, PR, and other design professionals that win clients and awards.

New episodes every Tuesday morning.

  • When it comes to innovation, mistakes are not just inevitable, they're a must. But they also don't have to be public embarrassments. In fact, the more mistakes you can make, sooner in the project, the better you can innovate. In this episode I'll talk about the 3 options you have when making a mistake and […]
  • Do you see your world as train tracks or roads? I used to feel like my world was train tracks. My language was all about being on the right track or being on or off track. Your mindset, the way you see the world either closes you off or opens you up to what you […]
  • If you could know the date and time your industry was going to be disrupted, would you do something about it? Most industries have indicators that let you know something's coming. Unfortunately, most of us have plenty of excuses that keep us from moving. In this episode, I talk about what you can do about […]
  • Given society norms, it may seem ironic that it's really the lab level or less commercial innovation that has the more far reaching affects. In this episode, I talk about three recent innovations, why they are significant, the thought processes behind them and how you can use those lessons. For more information, you can read […]
  • Breaking past the status quo isn't just about you, it's also about gaining acceptance in the market. Changing your status quo is more about your mindset than your audience size, products, or services. But, don't expect to stay relevant in the market if you don't change your mindset.
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