Play to Innovate – Edition 2

Learn the art of consistently developing innovative, market dominating products & Services.

Run time: 3:30 min.

Go beyond the buzzwords. With a rapidly changing marketplace, there’s no time to get stuck in the status quo. But, how many people can say they are truly innovating? From the top down, learn the mindset and mental tools everyone else is missing.

Find out what’s holding you back. The fact is, you can be an innovator. Though everyone is born creative, finding innovative solutions is something we learn. Play to Innovate will teach you the fun way to unlock the innovator inside you.

Learn how to find the best ideas, almost on demand.

Discover the three important questions you should be asking but aren’t.

Drive consistent innovation in your organization & your own work.

Learn how to build a self-sustaining culture of consistent innovation.

Use the included questions and challenges to guide both novice and expert teams as they search for solutions.

Why I Wrote Play to Innovate

I wrote Play to Innovate because there are so many people who could unlock their amazing potential for creative and innovative solutions if they had the right mindset and technique. Quite frankly, if I can learn how to be an innovator, anyone can.