Hands-on Seminars

Take one of your projects from average to market leader in 10 weeks or less, so that you can gain more sales, and be the dominant force in your industry.

🔆 What if the solutions you provide could always outperformed your competition?
🔆 What if every idea went beyond anything anyone else considered?
🔆 What if there was no risk in failure or breaking the rules?

The Play to Innovate hands-on seminar is a three hour, interactive session that will teach you the mindset and mental tools to consistently find innovative solutions, get unstuck and blow past your competition. You will work through one of your projects and leave fully equipped to use Play to Innovate on your future work.

Both in-person and virtual sessions are available for individuals and groups up to 20. All learning materials are supplied and only the simplest space is required.

Contact Bret today:
e: bret@5pebblesllc.com
p: 847-250-6743

Free Lessons

📺 Learn more from my 1 minute video series on YouTube.

🎧 Enjoy my half-hour podcast, where I talk about innovation and how you can be creative and innovative in your work. Look for Play to Innovate wherever podcasts are streaming or go to castbox.fm today.

Take the online masterclass

What’s so great about the class?
It’s intended for the busy person who may only have 15 minutes at a time. Broken into four sessions, you’ll be able to work on one of your projects at your own pace.

Have a SkillShare membership? Take my course.
You’ll also find my course on Thinkific.

Free Seminars

Free seminars are available in the Chicago Northwest Suburbs and are coordinated through SCORE.org. Contact them to see if your group qualifies for a session.

The free seminar is an abridged, 75 minute version of the full training. You will learn the basics of innovative thinking, through an interactive example that you can then apply to one of your projects. You will leave fully equipped to use the Play to Innovate mindset and techniques on your future projects.

A workbook is provided. Remember to bring a pen!